Monday, May 5, 2008

A Weekend of Ups & Downs

Friday night, Greg and I went down to Salem to meet Kristen & Matt, who were in Salem for Matt's graduation. It was fun! I swear - we drove around Salem for an hour just looking for a cool place to go. It was late - about 10:00 - so after we didn't find anything cool, and after Greg had stopped at Rite Aid to ask where stuff was (it ended up being closed so it was no help at all), we ended up at good ol' Shari's. They didn't disappoint, meaning the Shari's experience was as weird as it usually is. We wanted to toast Matt's graduation so we did, but with PLASTIC cups. Then, we were sitting there in a deep conversation, and the waitress comes over with a huge garbage can and a hose, leans down right by Matt and Greg's feet, plugs in the hose, and starts vaccuuming! Kristen could NOT stop laughing. From there, we went to Winco to get some medicine for Kierra. The ONLY reason I mention something as exciting as a stop to Winco is because I started taking pictures in the store, despite Matt's objections. He was like, "Seriously? We're in the grocery store." I go, "Well, I'm sorry. I take pictures of what we're doing and this is ABOUT as exciting as our evening has been!" We all laughed.

Saturday, we celebrated Damian's 5th birthday. There were about 20 people there. Scott planned the games (pinata, jedi training, and treasure hunt) & Tae-Ja and her mom did an awesome job on the food!

The rest of the weekend was tough for me. Greg and I were going to take a pregnancy test today, May 5th, but by the 2nd, it was clear we would not need to. I was fine with it until I sat behind a newborn baby in church. We ended up leaving before the sermon began. Then, I saw babies everywhere: the library, the grocery store, etc. So that made for a hard day. But thanks to Greg and Kelly, I'm feeling better today. Greg always talks me down from my ledges. And Kelly gave me a little gift bag with spa goodies in it. She also invited me over & it was so great because she set up a foot bath for me and we gave ourselves pedicures & facials & watched The Office. It was a "tiny piece of heaven" as Hezzy says. Today is a new day, and God is still God. He knows what the plans are for our family. I trust in Him.


Anonymous said...

It was quite a weekend. I'm soo glad we have each other to lean on.

Our Journey said...

Char- I'm happy I found you on facebook, and now am able to read a little about you life. I can honestly say I've been where you are with the whole infertility thing. Jeff and I have been married almost 10 years, and have never been able to conceive. We are now in the process of adopting a precious little girl, she's 8 months old now, we've had her since she was 6 weeks. Read my blog to get a better idea.

I love you...and I also love the fact that we have the same birthday. I never forgot that. If you ever want to talk or or email.