Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Last Friday night, Greg and I went to an 80s themed prom at Kennedy School, a fun restaurant/theater/hotel/bar that used to be a school. We had a great time with Moelf, W, Jen, Cookie, Germ, Noah, and Julie. It was, like, totally rad!


evil cake lady said...

like, totally!

i LOVED your big hair.
it reminded me of this: The Bon Family

Anonymous said...

Do I see crimping? Rock on girlfriend! I would have totally gone for the early Madonna look with the hoop earrings, lace stuff, and rubber bracelets. How do I know these things, cuz I was there... Unfortunately, my hoop earrings had to be clip-on, and left big old lumps in my ears by the end of the evening at the under-age nightclub, HA HA! No pierced ears allowed at the Academy!
Looks like you had a fun time! Love you guys-Deb

Sarah said...

looks like you had a totally gnarly time!!