Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I have to say, I'm not feeling very inspired lately. Is it because fall is approaching? Anyone who knows me knows that fall is not my favorite time of year. Although it's been so dang HOT here this summer, that the fall temps might be a welcome change. I don't know. I'm just kind of going to work, taking care of Bella, paying bills, doing errands - nothing really going on. Well, I guess I AM going to teach at a worship seminar this weekend, which will be fun. I guess I better talk to the coordinator to see exactly what he wants me teach!

What inspires YOU?


Unknown said...

Autumn! We are so opposite on this, it's funny. This is the time of year that totally blows the lid off my creativity. The cool, crisp Autumn temps invigorate my soul causing my energy to spike. If it could stay Fall all year round I would be over the moon! Chai Tea Pumpkin Lattes, Pumpkin Scones, Humpy Camel Juice and Fireside Coffee. Time to bring out my beloved turtlenecks and fleece vests. I love the blustery days of October where anything is possible and there is an aire of mystery behind every dying tree. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. My writing tends to flow out of me at this time of year. Happy Autumn! Delight in its brilliant colorbomb of fall foliage! Thanks Char, I needed that!

Sarah said...

i have to say I've been a little blah myself. I have been running around so much(doing things for everyone else) I haven't spent much time on me! I think I need a g.n.o.!

hezzzy said...

For one: a blank piece of paper inspires me. Add a favorite fine point gel pen & whala: inspiration!
Also music inspires me all the time. YOU have been known to inspire me as well, sweet Charlotte
& I am thankful for you. xo

Star Char said...

Tracy: YOu make some really good points! I mean, how can you go wrong with pumpkin scones?? Ummm, I DO have to ask: what is a Humpy Camel??

Joj: YES! You DO need a GNO! Everytime I look on your blog, you're taking someone somewhere, throwing someone a party, caring for an ill person, teaching someone, being in or at someone's wedding. Time to do something JUST FOR YOU.

Hez: You are so sweet! You inspire ME too! (I originally typed "toto" instead of "too." Should that be your new nickname??) :0)

Unknown said...

Char - see my recipe on my most recent post. I will tell you the story about how it got its name once you see what it is.

Alanna said...

Sorry sista, I love the Fall. Just think about Bella's firsts coming. First Fall leaves, first Thanksgiving (with Hezzies turkey call), and wow, first Christmas!!! Way too fun. I loves ya. Enjoy the cooler weather and call me for a cquafee. :)