Thursday, November 26, 2009


Jen and AnnMarie were gracious hosts - and even better chefs! Ever had chantilly with raspberry compote? Well, ya should!
Joelf, Jen wanted you to see what she's done with the place. Oh, and show you that she's using the stuff you left behind (napkins, etc)! :-)

Bella and I at Jen & AnnMarie's.

A feast for kings and queens!

Fun times!


Thankful faces.

Del is SUCH a poser! (if you knew him, you'd know he's so NOT a poser, but he is a good sport and I'm so thankful he's my brother-in-law)

Del's parents and Greg's mom listen intently.

Part of the beautiful centerpiece that was entirely made up of lilies in various shades of orange. Joelf, you would have loved it!

Bella had fun army scooting through the house.

Bella (Miss Fish Face) and her cousin, Beatrix. Soooo fun to have babies around!

Nadine, the hostess with the mostest!

Awwwww, I love these ladies! They're going out for Black Friday. Pray for them.

Gramma Eileen and Bella

Greg and his parents. Has the tryptophin (sp) kicked in?

Bella and Bea

Bella brings so much joy to everyone around her.

And finally, a bonus picture - Bella's new hiding spot.
UNDER HER CRIB! Deet, maybe we shouldn't have gotten rid of all those clothes that were stored under there.
I have so many blessings in my life.


hezzzy said...

I'm lovin' the party time with ya!
Sooo many blessings. Just look around ya...blessings everywhere.. LOOKOUT where ya walk! There's another blessing army scootin' by ya... Thanks for sharing sweetheart
You are a blessing, too! love you. xo

Anonymous said...

Love all the pics,dad is watching a movie on t.v. and I decicided to get on the blog,glad I did! dad finally looked at the pics, love to all, Mom and Dad K.

evil cake lady said...

thanks for all the photos char! (hope you like the place, joelf!) i was so glad you all stopped by yesterday for a bit. now that i see bella likes hanging out under her crib, i can understand why she kept trying to get under the coffee table!

Sarah said...

love the hiding spot! Wait til she starts hiding things, like a dust pan, or important papers, keys etc.! priceless!

Adventures and Good Times! said...

Bella´s first Thanksgiving! We are so thankful to have you all as our family!

Love, Uncle Jojo and Uncle Wilman

Adventures and Good Times! said...

I forgot to say that I love the apartment, Jen and Annmarie!!

It looks great!