Sunday, February 21, 2010


Okay, this first one was taken when she was at home. She loves to play with my necklaces!

All this crawling & no grass stains. Good job, Bella!

I love this picture! She just looks like she's having so much fun.

Well, I guess there were SOME grass stains-on her face!

Yes, she's barefoot. She's ALWAYS barefoot!

Nice form, Bella!

Mmmmmm, who needs lunch when you have a field of grass??

Dat's Good!

Bright sun. (and note, she DID have socks on)

Full parking lot at the falls.


Time for a cracker break!

What a fun adventure!

Beautiful view from Crown Vista

Greg loves his Volvo!


hezzzy said...

Oh what a wonderful family day for you guys. Doesn't she bring absolute joy to your lives... just fills ya right up. love you all 4!

Anonymous said...

I didn't actually go. I was too tired - blame it on the Baby Bean! But I'm so glad Greg took the camera. So sweet!

Unknown said...

Great pics!!! She is getting sooo big! I thought that was Multnomah Falls. Did you know I named a robot I built for a school science project after the Falls? LOL!

Unknown said...

Send the green this a way! PLEASE! I'm desperate for some GREEN GREEN GRASS! Oh - and flowers too!