Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Yes, the baby countdown widget is back! I was a bit disheartened when it showed up saying 133 days or whatever, but hey - that's almost 1/2 way there, right? (I'm pregnant - don't make me do the math)
In other baby news, Bella is getting sooo big. She goes from a sitting position to standing with no help from people or things. She is very excited to have learned this. She is babbling more and more and discovering her voice. She takes 2-3 steps here and there. She LOVES to be chased. She loves to wear necklaces. She holds and lovingly pats her baby doll and her panda bear as she smiles and laughs. She is a true joy.

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hezzzy said...

I LOVE the baby widget & can't wait to see what you're having!!!
Little Bellalious gets more licious every single day. Give her hugs from Gwamma xoxoxoxoxo