Thursday, July 22, 2010


So I had all these big plans for this weekend - I was going to take my Little Sister to the Audobon Society for a tour, lunch, and interaction with some big birds. Then I was going to go to an annual slumber party that I had to miss LAST year and was looking forward to attending THIS year. Then Greg was going to have some much-needed, much-deserved alone time at the house on Sunday for about a 4-hr time frame.

One phone call changed it all.

Not in a bad way so don't get all worried! My dad called and said he would be here Thursday - Sunday and could he stay with us? Well, sure! Of course! I mean, he is my DAD! In fact, when I said, "Let me look at my calendar just to see what's going on" he goes, "Whatever you've got planned, cross it out and just put 'Yo Daddy.'" We both laughed. Well, I laughed. He just kind of goes HMPH when he laughs, unless it's a full on belly laugh and then he gets silent, his eyes light up, and his face gets red from not breathing! But that's a different subject.

Anyhoo, so we've changed the plans and got everything set for his arrival. I emailed my aunt, his sister, and got my grandma's chocolate cake recipe from her. I'm gonna surprise dad with it. I also took my lunch hour and an hour after work to go grocery shopping and got some of his favorites. (I promise you - that's the ONLY reason we have 1000 Island dressing in our fridge) I also got a beef roast. I cook THAT so regularly, that I had to actually get a recipe for it on! I'm not really what you'd call a "cook."

So we're all ready! Come on down, Dad! :-) Bella's waiting for your peck on the cheek!


Anonymous said...

Have fun with your dad. I use all recipes all the time. I love that site. I'm not much of a cook, so I love all the tips people give for the recipes.

Star Char said...

Hi Annmarie,
Yes! I LOVE all recipes! The tips are awesome. Some of them are out of control in terms of sheer volume. For instance, the recipe I looked up for pot roast had something like 1763 comments. Ummmm hello?! I can't read through all those! HA! Hope you're doing well down under!

Anonymous said...

Oh how sweet & thoughtful for you to treat your old gray-haired daddy with so much care. Hope it turns out wonderful for y'all. THEN get your much needed rest! xo

Tracy Mangold said...

Hey you! Enjoy your weekend! I'm excited to see what name you come up with for the little one. How's Bella doing with the pregnancy? Thinking of you - as always!