Friday, June 13, 2008


Houston, we have an egg. Come in for a landing.*
*You've GOT to keep your sense of humor, people!

The doctor's appt went well last night and, yes, we have an egg. One more ride around on this roller coaster. It's like when the roller coaster allllmost comes to a stop. You're ready to get off. You're already thinking about what ride you want to get on next. You say things to your riding buddy like, "That was fun" or "Let's do that again" or "I think I'm gonna be sick". All the while, the ride is slowly coming to a stop. Or so you think. All of a sudden......WOOSH! The carnie decides to put the hammer down and send you flying again. (wait. Did I just compare God to a CARNIE?? Greaaat.) So we're flying now, waiting to see if we'll get pregnant or not. Hang on......WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


evil cake lady said...

char, your sense of humor seems to be intact and healthy! hope this round on the roller coaster is a good one.

ps: i'm reading a book about one's glycemic index and how to control it, which is very important for us girls with the PCOS. it's called "the new glycemic revolution (3rd edition)." there's also an edition written specifically for PCOS, but i'm sticking with the regular book for now. i'll tell you about it when i'm done reading if you like.

hezzzy said...
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