Monday, August 4, 2008


I had to share this blog entry from my mom's blog Hezzy's Hangout. I'm so touched and humbled by her words.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

34 Years Ago
34 yrs ago my life changed forever. My daughter was born & God smiled at me. He knew eventually she would lead me back to Him. He had a plan. I followed it. I'm saved. I started back to him almost immediately by His miracle gift to me ever so thankful. He knew I wouldn't be attending church or teaching her about His Word & Way... He knew the hypocrisy I had witnessed all my life. He knew the feelings of inadequacy. He knew of my pain .....and He knew she would lead me back to Him. He never gave up on me. He used her to bring me back to Him. So He waited. She found Him w/o my help. He knew she would. He called to her. She listened & found Him. He saved her. She was ready. She made me cry- not sad tears- just the opposite. I am forever grateful she found her Heavenly Father whether it was on her own, doesn't matter. She found Him & that's all that matters. He became very important in her life. And I followed by her example. He lead me to Him through her. She is partly responsible for my salvation. My life was changed forever on the day she was born. It would lead to my coming back to the Lord. It would lead back to my salvation. A mother's Love. A Father's gift from above. He never gives up on us & He uses other people in our lives for His plan for us. I cry happy tears for on the day she was born, I was reborn onto the path back to Our Heavenly Father. She's been my angel here on earth. Thank you, Charlotte. Thank you, God! xoxo
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