Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So the internal software we use at work is "down" (who knows what that really means - gremlins, some IT person hitting switches 'cuz they're bored?) so I'm taking a risk and (dunn dunn dunn......) BLOGGING AT WORK! Shhhhh!

It's been almost a month since my last entry. Wow. I was so OCD about updating and then this happened. Let's see - what's going on? Greg and I had an appt last week and we heard the baby's heart beat. We heard it back at 6 weeks, which was amazing in and of itself, but there's a huge difference between 6 weeks and 14 weeks! The heartbeat was strong and fast, as it should be at that age. The doctor had a hard time finding it because the baby was turning flips! Greg said, "Well, she'll have your hyperness and MY good looks and wit!" He's been so awesome through this whole thing. He insists on coming to all my appointments, getting me things I "need" (the other night, it was powdered donuts & chocolate milk at 10:00!), and basically putting up with my mood swings. I think that's a full time job in and of itself.

Sept 6 was my friend Amy's CD release party. We all get dressed up & went to a coffee shop in NE Portland that she had tirelessly transformed into an orange ballroom! There was even a candy table that had only orange candies on it. You'll have to go to my Facebook page and look at the pictures. Just either google Charlotte Kammer or go to Facebook and search by my name. Anyway, it was a realization of her dream, and to an extent, a realization of MY dream. I'm so grateful she gave me the opportunity to join her. And now, we are both singing at a Christian music festival called "Spirit on the Mountain" this coming weekend in Welches, Oregon. We sing Saturday morning from 11 - noon. Come join us! www.spiritonthemountain.org.

What else? Oh. Something kind of sobering. Greg was involved in an accident this weekend. He is ok, as is the other driver. But the other driver apparently just stopped abruptly on the freeway and Greg rear-ended her car. It appears to me that our car is totaled, but Greg says he can fix it. If anyone can, he can. He has an amazing talent with cars. The whole thing has left me a pile of raw nerves. I just can't handle much these days so I've been just kind of shut down for the last couple of days. I did get 12 hours of sleep last night, so I think that will help my perspective.

Ok, folks. They're telling us our software is back "up" so I better call this quits for now. Take care!


Anonymous said...

He really does have a deft touch with all things mechanical.



hezzzy said...

This weekend is your time to sing. Have a wonderful time, ddd :)
So sorry to hear about Greggers' accident. I'm so thankful he's alright. Was it the volvo or taurus?
So good to have you back in the "tunes". I understand now how hard it is to blog very often.
Have I told you lately how much I miss you? and love you, too unconditionally. xo