Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This morning was not what I expected. I woke up at 7:00. And so did Greg. Now, those of you who know us know that Greg gets to bed around 3:00 a.m. due to his job at UPS. So you can understand why I was puzzled by his waking up at 7:00. I would soon find out.

Greg was on his way home last night at about 1:00 a.m. About 6 miles from home, he saw police lights glaring in his rear view mirror. He pulled over, kicking himself because he KNEW he had expired tags. We both did. Payday is the 25th. We can wait it out. It'll be fine. These are the things we had told ourselves. Well, this was his reckoning. So he was prepared for the officer to cite him for that. He WASN'T prepared for what followed. The officer came back to Greg's car and asked him to step out. He then asked Greg if he had any weapons on him or in the car, to which Greg honestly and emphatically replied, "no." All the while, he was wondering why they were patting him down and holding him by the wrists, not in a rough way, but still, not in a routine way. Come to find out, Greg's license was suspended. Greg, of course, had no knowledge of the suspension. The officer explained that the DMV said Greg didn't have insurance at the time of his accident in September. Greg told him that was untrue & he had documentation to prove insurance coverage. The officer was nice and apologetic, but said he had to immediately impound the car, which he did.

Stunned, angry, and confused, Greg did what any red-blooded American male would do - he WALKED the 6 miles home. He said it was therapeutic. I think he's nuts, but I kinda get it.

So what's the plan now? Get a 2nd job just to pay for all of this! (little joke there) Greg got his license reinstated today and tomorrow, we'll get the car out of impound.

Lesson learned: prioritize legal issues. I took this to heart and while Greg was getting HIS license taken care of today at the DMV, I was getting MINE taken care of. You see, I got Lasik eye surgery in March. I knew at that time that I needed to get a new license WITHOUT the corrective lenses classification. But I had put it off. So I bit the bullet and paid the lousy $25 to get legal. It's worth the peace of mind.

As change occurs, welcomed or not, it's important to remember the blessings. In our case, Greg wasn't hurt, he didn't go to jail, he and I are very close, he got his bonus check just in time to take care of all of this, and we are still pregnant and expecting the gift of life in March. Last, but certainly not least, God is still God. That is something I've clung to all year and continue to hold onto when circumstances seem to be spinning. It's kind of like when you were a kid and hung onto the center of the merry-g0-round on the playground. The world around you was whirling, but as long as you held on to the center, you knew you were going to be ok. We're holding on. We'll be ok.

Please read this link for encouragement during times of change.


evil cake lady said...

Wow, I'm glad Greg is ok! What a crazy story.

By the way, when I first saw the title of your post, I saw "GET YOUR THIGHS IN ORDER"
That got my attention!!

hezzzy said...

God is the reason behind all events in our lives for one reason or anmother(typo but I left it). You both have grown so much this past year & God lives in your everyday lives. He's always there seeing you through everything. You are so much more stronger in your faith & convictions & have lived through so much adversity. You're closer to God for it. Continue & keep your faith growing. You're an awesome couple of God. And I praise Him thatyou're still counting your blessings & not hanging onto your grief. I love you dearly. xo

Star Char said...

Jen, that's HOT! I'm laughing!

Love you too, Hez!

hezzzy said...

Life is certainly a merry-go-round sometimes. Hang on tight, darlin'!!

Sarah said...

That's crazy Chargie! I know you will laugh about it one day! The lights, the patting down,the questions(do a lot of Portland people drive with guns in their cars? it isn't Montana LOL!!!) the LONG walk home......