Monday, November 24, 2008


Friday was one of those days at work where you just want to go home afterwards, go to bed, and curl up in a ball, emerging only for food and bathroom. So I was tempted to cancel my plans for that evening. I'm so glad I didn't! TJ and I went to Salem to see the incomprable MARGARET BECKER. I've been a die-hard fan of hers since 1990. She is a Christian singer without all the nicey-nice crap that I find fakey or, at the very least, "light." She says (sings) it like it is. Her guitar playing is phenomenal. And this particular concert was special to me because about 3 weeks ago, her booking agent contacted me to see if I could find her a place to play. Unfortunately, I couldn't find her a place. But she ended up playing at Calvary Chapel in Salem, which seems like an awesome church. Anyway, TJ and I were a bit late so as we approached the doors, we could hear Maggie in the midst of an oldie but goodie "Innocence." Her voice was ringing out. I ran. I didn't want to miss another MINUTE! She went on to sing the following:
Soul Tattoo
All I Ever Wanted
Clay and Water
You're Still God
To be an Indian
I Wouldn't Know What Love Is
And a couple of others I can't remember

I approached her afterwards. I said, "Hi Margaret, I'm Charlotte. I was trying to help Vicky get you to Portland tonight, but I'm soooo glad this venue worked out. This is a great place. Ok, so here's the deal: "Honesty" and "You're Still God"??? My anthems!" She looked very happy and graciously said thanks. TJ and I got in the car and immediately turned on one of Maggie's CDs. I go, "Um, we just saw her and um, she's about 30 feet away from us right now and um, I got to talk to her and touch her, um, arm and we just heard her sing soooo......" Yeah, I was excited. And it was just what I needed after a hard day.


hezzzy said...

um, thats incredible. um, I'm so glad for you. um, so happy you got to see her as well as talk to her. um, how sweet it is!xo

Sarah said...

thats incredible!! I know you have loved her forever. I am sooooo happy for you. Haven't u met her before and u asked her how she stays so thin and she said she ate salads ALL the time? random thoughts....... happy thanksgiving me friend,jogie