Wednesday, July 15, 2009

FRUN times (fun plus free)

I went to the mall today and spent $1.98 and got all of this (thanks, Kelly at
Coach pencils in a neat carrying case. They also gave me one of their cool shopping bags that I can reuse as a gift bag. Totally free with the online coupon. (By the way, I am LOVING the new Sabrina line at Coach. The one I want is a MERE $358!)
Victoria’s Secret 99 cent nail file. Had to buy something to get the….FREE lip gloss!
Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar travel size $1 hand sanitizer. Had to buy something to get the…..FREE travel size Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion!
THREE pieces of See’s Candies - my husband thanks you for the samples, See’s lady!

1 comment:

hezzzy said...

FRUN times is very catchy. Ya oughtts patent that phrase!!! xo