Saturday, July 11, 2009



hezzzy said...

SOOOO WORTH WAITING FOR!!!! Our dolly is getting more adorable with each & every day. This is so special you 2 singing this particular song to her. It holds so much meaning. And she's lovin' it! I see she found her feet, too & was playing with toes. She looks right into your eyes, Daddy with so much love. God bless you all! xo

hezzzy said...

I can see how attentive her eyes are & how soft her skin is. Ooooh I love her sooo much. Keep singin' & playin' with her. She's learnin' by all this & lovin'& trustin'. xo

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful video of Our bella,and daddy,and mommie singing in the bacground. she is so completely,at ease.What a beautiful
child!We love you! grandma, and grandpa k.