Friday, January 30, 2009


I was just reading something about cool happenings in Portland and thought I would share a few:

  • $1 matinees at the Mission Theater every weekend. 503.223.4527.

  • Free sacred choral music at St. Stephen's Church every Saturday at 7:30. You have to sit through the Vigil Mass - in Latin, but I hear the music is heavenly. 503.234.5019

  • Free food tastings at: New Seasons 11-5 Sat & Sun - all locations

  • Free chocolate fondue for two at The Melting Pot when you sign up for the fondue club at

  • (this one cracks me up!) If someone acts out the boombox scene from Say Anything outside the window of Ginger Salon, they get a free deep treatment valued at $75. They will drop a gift cert out the 2nd floor window if you do this between the hours of 11 and 6 anytime between 1/28 and 1/31. 503.546.4689

  • Free order of large fries or small poutine (I had to look it up online - it's fries with cheese curds and brown gravy) when you answer a trivia question at Potato Champion, Offer god 8p.m. - 3 a.m. Wed & Thur and 8pm-10pm Fri & Sat nights through Feb 14.

  • Free vegan muffin when you bring an origianl haiku about sheep, meat, or bicycles to Black Sheep Bakery through Feb 14.

  • A dozen doughnuts for $6 at Voodoo Doughnuts through the end of Feb. Called the "Hard Knox Box." (not for the faint of heart)

  • Free full size cupcake from Saint Cupcake when you bring in an evelope stamped and addressed to your mom through Feb 8.

  • (this one's a little different so stick with me on this) $10 to rent a private karaoke booth every Tuesday night from 7-11 Voicebox. I don't know how many people you can get into your private room, but it sounds like a fun thing for you and a few friends.

  • Free police ridealongs. No, you don't have to commit a crime! And no, it's not a "back seat ridealong." You can go for an hour or an entire 10-hour shift. Contact your local precinct at and click on "Precinct Infomation" to find precinct phone numbers.

  • 25% off your purchase at Music Millenium when you wear your swimsuit and a pair of cowboy boots and sing Johnny Cash. Seriously. Hey, some people LIKE public humiliation. This time, they can get REWARDED for it!

  • Free Valentine's Day Car that you create on Oblation Papers' antique letterpress from 10 a.m. - noon on 1/31.

  • Get an extra $5 in trade when you sell your books at Powell's and metion "Morrison the Squirrel through Feb 14.

  • (this one is just weird. And I love it!) Save 20% at Tender Loving Empire (books, clothes, music) when you sing "Beat It" with your undies over your clothes. I'm not sure how long they are offering this and I can't find a web site. 503.243.5859

  • Get an extra 20% off apparel Feb 4-8 at Macy's when you wear an all-red ensemble.

Also, check out for great (cheap) things to do in Portland.


Anonymous said...

I would totally do the Say Anything scene, I mean it is a tribute to the 80s and John Cusack baby! Although, I don't think I would resemble him very much,LOL! Can't wait to see your baby girl, and come up for a visit! Love you guys~ Deb

hezzzy said...

You could write your own column in the newspaper, Charlotte! "Char Shares"...heeeee

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning our recession special! our website (as some of you may have guessed) is

The special's good through the end of February!


Scottley said...

Hey Char,

Thanks for the writeup! I'm Scott, the owner of Voicebox. To clarify about our Tuesday deal: it's $10 per person from 7-11. Patrons get their own private karaoke party room for nonstop rocking. The rooms accommodate from 4 to 30 guests. Also, every other Tuesday your $10 includes a complimentary voice lesson with Mark Bosnian, one of Portland's premier vocal coaches.

Sarah said...

SO John said Tuesday Feb 3 from 6-2 Dennys is giving away a free GRAND SLAM wahooo. talk about sweer

Anonymous said...

Not to mention 5 cent coffee at Krispy Kreme

Our local Denny's gave away 1100 grand slam free breakfasts on tuesday

Unknown said...

Hey Char! LOVE the blog. It is now on my "must read daily" list. It is so wonderful to be back in touch with you after all these years. I am very, very happy.