Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The world is out to get me. More specifically, my customers are out to get me. Scratch that. The economy is out to get me. On second thought, corporate America is out to get me. (pause) No. I guess it IS the world that's out to get me.

I'm not paranoid or even superstitious. But I must say that today has started off with an eerie bang. My work day is quickly going in the crapper! A client cancelled an ad. That's not the end of the world, but her ad was quite complicated and had lots of changes througout the creative process. To make matter worse, the TYPE of ad she chose is a pain to cancel. None of that is her fault, but it's no less annoying. So I emailed her a summary of the cancellation and all of a sudden she says, "No - I wanted to cancel my OTHER ad." Her "other" ad is an easier ad to cancel, but then I had to go back and undo all the cancelling I had just done, ask for a credit reversal and a new credit, and and and. So I'm finishing THAT up and the phone rings. It's another client who runs the same ad weekly. They are on contract and have been for years. I tried to reach her Monday and Tuesday before the deadline, but she didn't get back to me so I took the liberty of just renewing her ad. The same ad she has run for years. Every week. You can guess what the gist of her call was today: "Cancel my ad - I don't want to renew it! Cancel it for this week! I'm not paying for it!" I explained to her that it is too late to cancel her ad. We agreed that I would give her a 50% discount.

Hey! Wait! I just got an email from another client and now SHE'S got problems. I'm telling you - hear me now and believe me now - THE WORLD IS OUT TO GET ME.

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hezzzy said...

CRIKIES! Can't ya just cancel the whole workday??? sheesh! & whew! it's finally over.