Tuesday, January 19, 2010


As our Bella approaches 11 months old, she's getting rather smart in her old age!
  • She "gives five!" I have to give credit to her Uncle Del for this one.
  • She makes a bwa bwa sound by hitting her open mouth with her open hand.
  • She has shouting matches with us. Don't worry - it's a good thing. She's definitely finding her vocal chords!
  • She helps me with the dishes! Whatever silverware I put IN the dishwasher, she takes OUT. Granted, she puts it on the floor, but I love it!
  • One of her all-time favorite things to do is take EVERYTHING out of her diaper bag, and I do mean everything. She flings the items behind her in a very determined, intense manner.
  • She loves to take things out of "her" cupboard. She knows which cupboard is hers and we've put some safe things in there. She goes to it and flings that stuff out too!
  • She stood on her own for about a second and a half yesterday! We could tell by the look on her face that she was surprised.
  • Her tongue is out more often than not and she loves to lick our legs! Hey! As long as she's not biting, I'm okay with it.
  • She loves to play with our shoes.
  • We THINK she can say "up."
  • She CAN hold her own bottle, but she still prefers to put both hands on the back of her head while WE feed her.

What a joy!


hezzzy said...

She's a licker & a flinger & sooo much more!!! xo

Unknown said...

I wonder what it is about babies/toddlers that they throw things over their heads or shoulders behind them. AnneShirley throws all her stuff behind her - over her head and scatters it all over the place. She is usually pretty neat - puts things away and then suddenly she'll just toss it all behind her. LOL - ahhh the joys. Bella is growing soo quickly. Doesn't it seem like yesterday she was just this little tiny baby laying on your chest? I look at AnneShirley and cannot believe how big she's gotten. I remember the day she was born as if it were yesterday. :)

hezzzy said...

You know why they fling? Because they've discovered they CAN fling things over their head... with much determination, too huh? Looking through the eyes of your babies makes everything old look new again. sweeeeet.