Friday, January 15, 2010


Haiti. There was a time when I heard "Haiti" and no images were conjured up. Literally. If I heard that word, I would think, oh I think that's somewhere down by Florida.

Since the devastation of the earthquake in Haiti, I have avoided news reports, stories on the web, basically all information about it. I mean, why do I need to see that? I know it's awful. Give me the Conan vs. Jay scandal over Haiti ANY day. Keep it light. Don't allow your heart to break. It's depressing. It's sad. You don't need that.

Today, I made a conscious choice to click on the slide show on Rosie O'Donnell's web site It was only a few minutes long. I'm sure she set music to it, but I don't have speakers so I thought it MAY be okay to just watch it. I knew it was a risk. I might cry. I might FEEL something. As I watched the images, some quite disturbing, some hopeful, I DID cry and I DID feel. As the tears streamed down my face and I fought to control my breathing while sitting at my desk in my very public office, I realized something. I needed to FEEL this. I needed to open my heart. As I saw the pictures of the dead, including babies (harsh, but true), I realized what if that were MY baby? My precious, precious 10-month-old baby who brings so much joy to so many. What if this had happened to us? What if I could not hold her in my arms even one more time? I would have no choice but for my heart to break.

So, for today, I choose to let my heart break for Haiti.

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hezzzy said...

My heart broke all over again as I read your blog, "My heart breaks for Haiti". As many times as I've watched the news about it, I still react the same way with hurt for all the pain, loss, & devastation of a very small country affected by millions.