Thursday, July 29, 2010

SLIGHT change of plans

Shortly after I posted my last blog, dad called to let me know that his ride to Portland got his dates wrong and they are actually going to be here TODAY! So yeah, still excited. Just not as prepared......

Thursday, July 22, 2010


So I had all these big plans for this weekend - I was going to take my Little Sister to the Audobon Society for a tour, lunch, and interaction with some big birds. Then I was going to go to an annual slumber party that I had to miss LAST year and was looking forward to attending THIS year. Then Greg was going to have some much-needed, much-deserved alone time at the house on Sunday for about a 4-hr time frame.

One phone call changed it all.

Not in a bad way so don't get all worried! My dad called and said he would be here Thursday - Sunday and could he stay with us? Well, sure! Of course! I mean, he is my DAD! In fact, when I said, "Let me look at my calendar just to see what's going on" he goes, "Whatever you've got planned, cross it out and just put 'Yo Daddy.'" We both laughed. Well, I laughed. He just kind of goes HMPH when he laughs, unless it's a full on belly laugh and then he gets silent, his eyes light up, and his face gets red from not breathing! But that's a different subject.

Anyhoo, so we've changed the plans and got everything set for his arrival. I emailed my aunt, his sister, and got my grandma's chocolate cake recipe from her. I'm gonna surprise dad with it. I also took my lunch hour and an hour after work to go grocery shopping and got some of his favorites. (I promise you - that's the ONLY reason we have 1000 Island dressing in our fridge) I also got a beef roast. I cook THAT so regularly, that I had to actually get a recipe for it on! I'm not really what you'd call a "cook."

So we're all ready! Come on down, Dad! :-) Bella's waiting for your peck on the cheek!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


If you're a keen blog reader, you'll notice that the Baby Countdown seems to have skipped ahead by a few days......hmmmmm.......curiouser and curiouser.....

We have scheduled the c-section for August 31. Yessssss! I'm getting to that point where I'm tired, walking to my car is a chore, and I have to PLAN my bathroom trips in accordance with trips up the stairs for other things. I pile stuff up at the bottom of the stairs and then take it up the next time I have to pee! Hey, if it's not urgent, and really, what IS, then I see no problem with my methodology!

So we're excited to meet this new little one! Still no name, but I'm sure we'll decide when the time is right. Great Scott! I just realized we've shaved a week off of our deciding time...... Okay, time to hit the book Greg's mom got us: "25,000+ Baby Names"..........

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Hi all,
I've been inspired by reading my mom's blog and jojo's blog. They are such excellent writers/story tellers! They both fill their blogs with basic, everyday things from their lives. I always feel like I have to wait until something momentous happens before I can blog. That's why there are days (sometimes weeks) with no post on my blog! But hey, here's what's going on in my world!

We officially moved into our new apartment on June 26. I feel blessed because we have 2 bedrooms, a nicer kitchen, and NO TRAIN. I think I've blogged about this before! :-) So why am I not LOVING our new space? I finally figured it out this weekend. There are certain cosmetic things that I don't love. For instance, the carpet is kind of a brown/mauve industrial carpet & it's all over the house, except for in the kitchen and bathroom. I'm a barefoot girl and I just HATE the feel of it. I'm also not LOVING parking RIGHT next to the garbage containers that serve the entire complex, which only has about 15 units, but STANKS! And there are other little things like the floor creaks and the refrigerator whirrrs loudly. But as I reflected on those things, I thought, well all of that is just little annoyances. So again, why don't I love our new space? I guess the answer is that it's not my "ideal space" yet. I don't "want" to be there. I want to be in a 3 bdrm, 2 bath home with modern amenities, lots of parking, and a garage for Greg. I wanted to be in the Ore City duplex, but everything before and after that has been out of necessity. And I know there's a time for everything and we are in what Dave Ramsey calls our "patience time" where we are preparing ourselves financially for a more desirable home in the future. But right now, I'm just struggling with "settling." Have you been there before?

Our 12th anniversary was this last weekend. We had a really good time. We each got an hour-long massage (heavenly) and, thanks to Jeff & Kell, we stayed the night at a local hotel suite. It was a nice getaway. Of course, we missed our Bella, but she did fine with J & K. In fact, she had a blast! When we arrived to pick her up, she was chomping on a full size peach - too cute! And Kell got some fantastic pics of her playing in the wading pool. I'll try and post them when I get them from Kell.

Greg is doing so well with his CPAP machine! It's made such a difference in everything from his energy level to his wit! I used to tease him that he would tell a lot of jokes that were "in the valley" (stink bombs) before he would finally tell one that was "on the peak" (a good one!). Well, now he's just zinging me left and right! And I love it! Mostly, I love that he is feeling better.

I guess that's enough of an update for now. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Hez is all hot and bothered because everytime she's checked my blog lately, she's greeted with the headline "Holey Cream" and she's SICK of it! So for her sanity, and your enjoyment, here's a picture of Bella and Greg from Father's Day. Are you happy now, Hez??!!