Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Moelfre came over last night to watch American Idol (said in the Ryan Seacrest way) with Greg and me. We had the BEST dinner: salmon with lemon and rosemary, edamame, herb and butter long grain rice, whole wheat rolls, and cottage cheese. I'm trying to find the balance between eating healthy AND staying within budget. It's difficult. But we'll get there. Greg says we should have Joelfre over every Tuesday because a) we eat better and b) we clean the house! :-)

I also went to the gym yesterday - yay!! :-) So I'm doing it. I'm eating better and exercising. I hope it makes a difference......

The evening was a great end to my day: good friends, good food, good times.


evil cake lady said...

not that i eat this way myself, but vegetables are like the cheapest things you can buy and hey! they are good for you! so my advice (not that you are asking for it), start eating LOTS and LOTS of veggies. in fact, the majority of your plate should be veggies with grains and meat being small little piles. not that i eat that way myself :)

Anonymous said...

You ARE making a difference & what a good idea about Tues nights. There's soooo many good foods for you that actually TASTE good. WOW! who'dathunk???!! ha. Good for you & way to go. (btw: A.I. rocks!)xo