Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Well, ALMOST down. I'm excited to report that my friend/coworker, Mindy, is going to work out with me today. It's nice to have a buddy. Maybe I won't get as bored. She isn't available until 6:00, which is fine with me because both of the plans I had for this evening have cancelled. Poor jojo, he's sick. Get well soon, brother! And the family at church who needed meals is still in the hospital and doesn't need meals for at least a week. I rememeber when church people brought us meals during Hezzy's ordeal. What a blessing!

Calorie intake yesterday: 1971
General feelings: 1971 is almost 400 more calories than I should have consumed. I got some news yesterday that I cannot get Lasik for at least 6 weeks. I immediately wanted to go out to eat. And I'm not talkin' salad here! I'm talking ooey gooey pasta with cream sauce, and then ice cream for dessert! But INSTEAD.....I went home, figured out how many calories I had left for dinner, and then picked something off the T Bell web site according to that balance. So THAT was a really good, educated choice. Then, I couldn't sleep. Fortunately, I have a pretty "success-inspired" pantry so the only thing I could find to eat was a pbj sandwich. But even at that, it was the late night eating that got me. So......

Either A) stay within my calories, or B) not eat after a certain hour.
Exercise tonight at 6:00! :-)

Thank you, Hez, for the wonderful e-card today. I appreciate everybody's support. I can FEEL it.

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Anonymous said...

You continue to amaze me & I can tell by what you say that God lives in you. You're so special, Charlotte Kathryn xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Love from your mom