Monday, December 21, 2009


(can you tell I was finally able to download some videos from my Flip??)
The first video was birthed out of a dare. A coworker and friend, Sherry, made fun of an outfit I was wearing one day. I had beaded fringe on the hem of my pants and a very sparkly shirt. She said, "What's it gonna be tomorrow, CharB - FEATHERS??!!" So guess what?

The second video is at a TERRIBLE angle, but I've had requests (believe it or not) from coworkers for me to put this video up on my blog. It was taken last Thursday at our office Christmas party. Please excuse the camera work at the beginning (and the angle all the way through). Maybe just close your eyes and listen.'s the video.


hezzzy said...

Oh Char.... you still know how to make me cry with your deep feelings as you sing. ABsoLUTEly beautful, hon.
The chicken antics are HILLLarious!

hezzzy said...

cluck cluck cluck you sick little bird...... but gotta admit:funny. Iiiii'm laughing ... & crying.

Unknown said...

Wonderful! It makes me think of all the times we used to sit at the piano at the ranch - remember - and times. You have a gorgeous voice and it is so nice to get to hear it again! Merry Christmas, dear friend!

Sarah said...

thats my chargie!!! love ya girl--awesome job