Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I'm soooo glad you can delete what you post on other people's walls on Facebook!

When I was in middle and high school, there were 3 main guys. The most popular guys. And they weren't just popular in our grade - EVERYBODY loved them. Josh, Ryan, and Rob. They were friends. And they were hot. (Looking back, they were NOT hot, but we had very few choices in Ronan. And, I might add, I'm almost POSITIVE that Josh SURELY regrets his decision to get his senior picture taken with denim shortalls, no shirt, and one strap undone. But that's another story.)

Anyway, I am Facebook friends with these three guys and even though high school was 20 years ago, I still feel a little nervous when I think about Facebooking any of them. So I usually don't.

But today is Rob's birthday. He "friended" me a few months ago. He's said some nice things about my family photos. I figured, ok, no need to be nervous here. It's just Rob. Rob. It's fine. He's bald, has been married 2 times, and has 6 kids. It's no big deal. I'll wish him a happy birthday on his wall. No. Big. Deal.

So I hurriedly typed a message.

I tried to be quippy and different from the boring happy-birthday-and-that's-it messages. I liked what I came up with. I just said, "Happy Birthday, Rob. Hope it's a good one. 39 FOREVER!" There. Done. Ahhh. I've evolved. I sent the message with no nerves. Lassiez fare. IIIII'M BREEZY!

Over the next 2 hours, I received email notifications that others had written birthday greetings to Rob. I measured them against mine.
"Happy Birthday, dude." Uh. Yeah. Tooooo 1995.
"God bless you on your birthday." Only on your birthday? Too judgy.
"happy birthday" Really? Not even in caps?? Booooor-ring.

Contented sigh.

Then it hit me. We are not 40. We are not 39. Rob is turning THIRTY SEVEN today!!!

Oh, brother. I deleted the post and I will NOT replace it. I haven't evolved enough.


Sarah said...

sweet girl. you are so funny! We all make mistakes. :-) and here's to 30 forever!

Anonymous said...

Peer pressure... I don't know if thats correct or not but everyone has their doubts in all walks of life & comparing ourselves to the next is not fair cuz God gave us each & everyone our own special gifts. YOU SHINE IN YOURS, Char, my dear! whatever year, whatever situation. You are a star! xo

Anonymous said...

Heres a story for ya that I can relate alittle: I went out on a date with a "lower' classmate. He was cute. He was funny. I was a cheerleader & considered popular (whatever, huh?). So it was customary to drink beer on all these h.s. dates & house parties & 'keggers' & I had had afew. On our way home I'm leaning on his shoulder on the bumpy ride down the lane when I feel some discomfort in gas coming on. I think foolishly to myself, " I'll just let it sneeeek out alittle bit & he won't even hear it." WHOA! MAMA! It not only didNOT sneeeek out, it blew out with a bang & roooolled across the seat & I was afraid it was gonna blow the passenger door wide open! I was stunned. I was mortified. I couldn't move. How 'cool' am I now?There was dead silence. All I could do was sit there not knowing what to say (how 'popular' do I feel now?) We were both frozen when finally he has the nerve to politely say, "Ooops" & that did it. It broke the ice. We both laughed til we cried.

Adventures and Good Times! said...

Charbie--I just thought you were making a joke when you put 39...that's funny!

Hezzy--That is a great story! I love that he was a gentlemen and broke the ice after you...broke the wind!

Trina said...

Loved this post. I really like the "lack of options" comment. Hee-Hee. I get it!

I had no idea you had a blog as I have probably been too wrapped up in my blog world. I'm so glad I stopped on by to read. I'll be here often so start postin'! :)

Star Char said...

Jo - You're the best! I felt so silly!

Hez - Your story left me ROFL! I love your candor!

Jojo - I K, R??

Trina! Thanks for reading. I tend to use my blog for posting those opinions that I don't want the entire FB world to see, but I decided to let you in on it! :-) Your blog is so great - very inspiring, well written, and funny. Thanks for sharing!