Monday, February 25, 2008


I'm so enriched by loved ones in my life who email, call, stop me at church, etc just to say hey. These people fill my life with joy and wonder and restore my faith that God DOES love us. It's true that we reflect God's love to one another.

Friday, Greg wisked me away to the beach! We went to Tillamook and Seaside. Of course, in keeping with tradition, we never actually set foot on the beach! But we took some cool pictures and had fun with our "no business talk" rule. What a great day!

Saturday, TJ, Moelfre, and I went shopping at Bridgeport Village (FINALLY got my MAC products), out to lunch, and shopping at Clackamas Town Center. That place is really nice now since the remodel.

Yesterday, I sang in church while Greg did PowerPoint. I feel a real symbiotic relationship when I'm singing and he's doing PowerPoint. I feel a connection with him that is ALMOST musical! Cool! After church, Kelly and I surprised Tae-Ja with an "un-birthday" celebration. Her birthday is in 6 months, so why not celebrate NOW?! We took her to the movie of her choice. Beings it was Oscar night, she chose Juno. Good movie. After the movie, we went to my house where we watched the Oscars. It was fun. I missed Hez. Last year, she and I put on an Oscar party where we dressed up, had ballots & prizes, admission tickets, a red carpet, and a concession stand. I miss her zest!


hezzzy said...

I miss you, too & the fun we have together. I was thinking of our party last year, too while I was watching the Oscars. Not near as much fun w/o ya, babe!

hezzzy said...


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the blog! Welcome to the blogosphere. I just changed mine all around, and you can check it out (just click on my name).
Now I can keep up with what is happenin with ya! ;) I miss you way too much!
Hugs, B

Star Char said...

Brandie, You're such a sweetie! I am loving this blog stuff! I've been doing it since December or so. It's just a nice outlet. Hope you're doing well and I hope to see you on the 15th!