Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Wooooo-ooooow OF A GOOD DAY.

A good day. No, a GREAT day. Greg, Noah, and I went to the site of Greg's and my first date: the Bonneville Fish Hatchery. We took lots of pictures, chased each other, and just enjoyed doing the simple things. We had a "Benture" (adventure), as Noah kept saying. Ha ha! He was thrilled with his new sunglasses and actually preferred to wear them upside down! What a character.

Another thing that I thought was great was the "Egg Incubation Building." Seeings how today is the day I'm ovulating, that seemed only fitting. Greg and I considered going in that building and getting bizi! Not really, people!

And the weather was fabulous! There was no rain. Noah kept saying, "Look at the snow. Wooooo-oooow. Look at the waterfall. Wooooo-oooow." Everything was wooooo-ooooow.

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hezzzy said...

"Egg Incubation Building" hmmmmm
THAT was not just a coincidence, huh? bizibizi... HA! You 2 going back to the sight of your 1st date was not a coincidence either. I have a lot of prayers directed towards you two.
What a fun-filled day & I see it in your faces (even behind those shades of Gregs) that you all had a great time. That's cool that Noah can get ALL your attention instead of having to share with brother. Thanks for sharing your day & the pictures. bless you. xo