Friday, February 15, 2008


Now what? I'm so bored. I've surfed all the web sites I want to surf, checked all the blogs I know of, emailed all the clients I can think of, flossed my teeth twice, clipped my nails, done all the faxing I can think of, researched colleges for a friend's little brother, tried to get a hold of Chrissy, emailed back and forth with my mom a bit. I just have nothing else to do. And I still have an hour left to be here. Sitting. At my desk. Doing what now? Ho hum. Well, shoot.

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hezzzy said...

Start your "Project:Fridays" list & come up with productive incentives to fill in your time at work & produce(something) in the process... Oh you know me: you'll get advice whether you ask for it or not.... (winkwink - luvya, babe!)WHAT those incentives could be, I don't have THAT advice....yet