Thursday, April 24, 2008


Yesterday was Greg's birthday. We went to McGrath's Fish House to celebrate; hence the fish on his head. He sure is a good sport. I love him so much! Here are just a few of the qualities I adore in him: kindness, gentleness, great listener, compassionate, safe, fun, reasonable, persistent, consistent, & loving. Happy Birthday, Dovey!


Anonymous said...

What? I don't see a hat? Are you referring to my new haircut? Umm, that's kinda rude to make fun of my haircut on my b-day. ;-)

hezzzy said...

This is such a fun-loving picture of our Greggers. I haven't seen him smiling this big in a picture for ..... since fo-eveh, right?xo Happy Birthday to a very special man... with a good sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

Love the hat, it is you greg!
Charlotte, I am so happy for you,
Losing Weight is a great feeling!
I am so proud of you!
love Ya! Eileen

Angie said...

Somebody swiped some of my lawn ornaments and that big red whopper of a fish looks like mine. Give it back! lol