Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I got to work today at 6:30. EARLY! And I'm working until 4:30. I need to make up time that I missed due to my cold last week. I would take sick time, but I'm already 0.84 hours in the hole because I used it for the time I took off for my Lasik surgery. Why doesn't every place of business just give you a chunk of Paid Time Off at the beginning of the year and you can use it as you see fit? That makes the most sense to me. We have an accrual system. But my workplace doesn't always do things that make sense. For instance, last Friday, we received an email from HR at the corporate office. Attached was a memo titled "Exercise Plan." I got excited. Was it going to be a discounted membership at Bally's? An in-house incentive plan? Something free? It was none of these things. It was a formal memo stating that if you wanted to take an extra 1/2 hour during your day to exercise, you could. Sounds good, right? Then it went on to say that you would have to make up the time during that week. So I mean, unless you have a really strict boss (I haven't heard of one in our organization), you could already do this if you wanted. My coworkers and I all laughed. Even our BOSS laughed. Someone said, "I would be embarassed to write that memo." I agree. So I'll continue to just go to the gym after work like I usually do, thank you very much.

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