Friday, December 26, 2008

All month long, I've thought, "I'm glad that I haven't once been tempted to even HUM that sad Christmas song 'Where Are You Christmas?' from the Grinch movie." Last year, it was a mainstay in my brain. But this year was going to be different. I got so much done early, events and gatherings were planned well, communication was great. Everything was coordinated and the plans were set.

Then it had to snow. EIGHTEEN INCHES.

You might think that snow would ANSWER the question the song poses: Christmas is HERE with the snow! Huh-uh.

I can't really explain it and you won't understand unless you live here, but it just brought everything to a standstill and not in a cozy, let's-all-sing-by-the-fire kind of way. Yes, it's pretty. And yes, the first 2 days were fine. But the storm ended up lasting 10 days, which is 8 days TOO LONG. We lost power, but only for 4 hours. Our dear friends lost it for 4 days! And yes, you "make do" and press on. You cope. But then, when the power comes on and you have the luxury of letting your guard down, you crumble. At least, I did. Yesterday was just HARD.

And yes, I am a Christian. I get that Christmas is about Jesus and His birth and the implications therein. However, I also know that December 25th isn't the EXACT day of His birth and that if I was sad and tired and 30 weeks pregnant and just vedged in my pjs all day, that's ok too!

So there you have it. A weird, weird, weird Christmas.

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hezzzy said...

I sympathize with you. Mine was weird, too...though the phone is a wonderful substitute, it doesn't take the place of actually BEING daughters, no sons, no granddaughters, no mother, no significant other, no snow(I grew up w/snow,too & it's just another thing that signifies its Christmastime with me). These are not to diminish your thoughts & feelings. I'm just relating mine here, too. ugh, glad its over. I look forward to the new year even more now.xo