Wednesday, December 10, 2008


How's your Christmas season "to do" list coming along? This year, I decided to start shopping in January. Little did I know what blessing that would be! What I mean is, I'll be almost 30 weeks pregnant when Christmas comes so I'm grateful that I've got the shopping part done. There's no way I could have known that 11 months ago!

We are saving over $300 compared to what we spent on Christmas last year. It seems like every year, the presents become less and less important in terms of focusing on the true meaning of Christmas. For me, that meaning is celebrating Jesus' birth - and beyond. It's celebrating what His birth signifies: freedom, grace, salvation, and hope. The true meaning of Christmas is also celebrating and giving thanks for what we have: family, friends, necessities. We may not always get what we WANT - but we always have what we NEED.

We might take it to the next level for Christmas 2009 and just get gifts for the children in our lives. Everyone else will get our time and a nice letter. We're thinking about it..... I mean, "stuff" just becomes less important as we get older. Don't you think?

What is the true meaning of Christmas for you? How do you celebrate? Do you give gifts? However you celebrate, I wish you all the best & I hope your holiday is full of merriment!

P.S. I just found a great new blog for savers in the Portland area:

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hezzzy said...

I'm taking your lead & seriously considering buying presents only for the kids next year. The trouble with that is that you're ALL my kids!;-/ herher