Sunday, February 8, 2009


Only 27 more days??!! How did THAT happen? Last night, Joelf came over and finished the "nursery space" as I'm affectionately calling it. It looks soooooo cute! But not TOO cute, if you know what I mean. I started to take pictures of it this afternoon, only to discover that our camera has broken. Ugh. NOT good timing. A friend is taking a look at it to see if it can be fixed, but it's not looking positive. Know anyone who wants to unload their digital camera?

On Wednesday night, I had my first baby shower. It was incredible! There were 15-20 people there. Kell and Amy did a FABULOUS job planning and hosting. We did 3 LOW-KEY games (thank you), everyone filled out "words of wisdom" cards and Kell put them in a beautiful book, the food was great. I could go on and on. The best part was that I felt the love of our church. Most of the attendees were from our church. I didn't grow up in church so I didn't know what to expect. These women blessed me with their laughter, their gifts, their wisdom, and their support. I will never forget it.

This week, there's a shower at work on Wednesday. I'm so excited! Then, a week from today, there's another shower. Wow. How do I feel? Overwhelmed, humbled, touched, grateful.


Angie said...

Lucky baby and you. Get that camera fixed fast. I want to see pictures of that baby and lots of them.

Unknown said...

Hey you! You deserve to be pampered! Isn't it nice?
Let me know your colors for the baby as I would like to crochet you a baby afghan, if you don't mind!

Did you get a "Boppy" at your shower? That is a mommy's MUST have for a baby. It is truly a GOD SEND.

hezzzy said...

You are so blessed & loved & respected by many. Can't wait to see your precious bella IN that new space!! Won't be long now. xo We'll have to see what we can do about a digital camera... a MUST with bella almost here ;-)

Angie said...

Are your bags packed yet? Is the diaper bag ready with her first outfit? You could go into labor at anytime you know. Oh I'm anxious to for her to come.

Star Char said...

Hi all,
I'm getting so excited!
Tracy: pink & brown and you're awesome! Yes, I have a Boppy. I've heard great things about them.

Hez: Can't wait to see you!

Angie: I'm totally bummed about the camera. I spent some time online with a trouble shooter, but it's not looking good. No, I don't have my bag packed. You know, I'm not much of a planner....but I do need to get ON that!