Saturday, August 1, 2009


Ok, people. My not-quite-5-month-old has her first tooth!
Her first tooth!
I often let her chomp on my knuckle and last night, while she was chomping, I decided to feel around and see if there were any new developments. Sure enough - on the bottom center-ish, there's one little fang poking through. We're so excited! Yes, bring on the constant use of bibs and the crying and the medicine. That's all fine and good. We're just excited to go through these different phases with our sweet Bella!
Other cool things:
  • she holds her pacifier and can put it in her mouth by herself (most of the time!).
  • she grabs at our face and nose and loves to just study us as we talk.
  • she rolls over like a banshi (sp??).
  • she LOVES physical play.
  • when she gets frustrated, she talks with a LOT of vowels and consonants. It's hard to comfort her right away because she sounds so darn cute!
  • her exzema is diminishing.
  • she still sleeps about 9 hours a night!

We just love our little girl and wanted to share some milestones with you!


evil cake lady said...

hooray bella!!
and hooray to you too, char!

Anonymous said...

Wow! She is moving along FAST in her development. She is talking now? Love you all~Deb

hezzzy said...

Share on! I love getting all the news. Everything old (to us)is new again ... to her. I heard her over the phone in amazement at all the sounds she makes.... its quite a chorus of music to my ears. And NOW: a new tooferdoo!!!! YAHOO!!!
love a love a love a you!!! xoxoxo