Saturday, August 8, 2009


Little dolly girl fell off the bed. Ugh. What a sickening feeling - for her AND us! She's ok. In fact, she is totally fine. We called the doctor and all that. Immediately after it happened, we did all the right things, and WILL do all the right things in the future like not letting her nap in our bed anymore, only having her sleep in her crib, etc.

She doesn't even have a knot on her head. Or an irratic, new twitch. Or crossed eyes. Or any other number of hideous scenarios floating around in my head. She truely is fine. Then why do I still feel sooooo heartbroken?

I waited 4 hours after it happened to call my mom. I needed to know that *I* had fallen off a bed at 5 months old and lived to tell about it because if it happened to ME, surely MY little girl will be ok. Logical? No. Comforting? DEFINITELY. Well, comforting if my mom answered the right way.....

She did! Yay! I fell off a bed when I was 5 months old too! (that explains a lot about me, doesn't it?)

My mom told me about my "incident" in great detail and even now, 35 years later, I could hear the emotion in her voice. Just knowing that she empathized with me was a real comfort. She also shared about a fall my sister took down some stairs when she was about 1 and a half. (Don't worry - she was ok. They were getting ready to take her to the hospital to get her checked out. She was screaming her head off and all of a sudden, she stopped screaming. My mom looked at her to see what was going on. Out of my sister's little mouth came the words: "That's MY hot dog! Want hot dog!" Apparently, one of the bystanders had a tubular treat that my sister wanted to get her mits on! Right then and there, my mom knew my sister would be ok.)

Before I got pregnant, and really DURING the pregnancy too, I told my nearest and dearest friends (you know, the ones who understand my narcissistic, sardonic ways) - "I do NOT want ANY advice about pregnancy, babies, the care of babies. Nothing. I want to experience this ON MY OWN. I want all the firsts."

After today, I realize the importance of not only getting, but more importantly, LISTENING to the advice and stories of those who have gone before.

Well, I'm taking a deep breath, counting my blessings, and looking forward to FUN firsts.


hezzzy said...

Oh my dear darling daughter, amen sweetheart. Sharing & caring with each other is so helpful on sooo many levels. Your sis couldnt talk that well but her actions said the words. You both lived to tell your stories & what blessings you both came out of it okay. Thank you, God. xo

Unknown said...

AnneShirley was running through the living room back in February and tripped. She hit her head on the runner of her rocking chair and got a gash above her right eye that started bleeding right away. She cried for about a minute (she never cries very long when hurt) and I cleaned it out and put Bag Balm on it immediately and a bandage. It needed stitches so we took her to the emergency room. She was so good through it all and did not try to touch the wound. She got five stitches.

My heart was almost pushing itself out of my body as I was so scared and felt so bad that I let that happen. She has a little scar now but she is fine.

It is difficult being a mom and watching our little ones get hurt or get sick. It is a powerlessness that I am not used to. I feel your pain, Char. You are a great mom though. If only more moms were more concerned about their kids...

Love ya!

Dana Schoon-Dortch said...

I can not tell you how many times Kennedy fell off the bed. And she's perfectly normally at three.

Last summer right before picture taking time, she got road rash on her forehead when she was twirling around the handle at the swimming pool. Last all summer...

I agree with Tracy. It's hard watching the kids get sick or hurt but it's going to happen.

Sarah said...

i fell asleeep h0lding Srah in bed when ahse was about 2 weeks old slipped right out of my arms! She survived, though she has had two eye surgeries and glasses since she was 3?????????hmmmmm ya wonder!
nah she' s all good!

Anonymous said...

Star Char,

Aliya fell off our bed when she was about the same age and it seemed like it was all slow motion, but I couldn't get to her. When she rolled off, her head went into the trash can! :) She was fine, didn't even cry too much.....then on Sunday, she was on the bed playing with her Dad, and all of a sudden I heard a loud thud and knew immediately what happened. Once again, she was fine-no bruises. Just wait til sweet Bella starts walking....So give her a hug from her Auntie in MT!! love you guys!! Mindy