Thursday, June 17, 2010


My dear sweet friend/brother asked me to do a new post so here we are!

Let's see - what's going on?

Ever feel like there's nothing going on, but there's EVERTHING going on?? Nicole and I are having a garage sale this Saturday. I told her we would do it last year, and we never did so this is our year! Man, I can't believe how much crap we have - especially since our apartment is only 800 sf!

Speaking of apartments, we are moving next weekend! Yikes! It's coming up so quickly! We found a 2 bdrm townhouse (2 story) apartment not far from our current place. With the new baby coming, we desperately need the 2nd bedroom. I hope Bella transitions well. She's so used to her crib being in our room, that it MAY freak her out to wake up in the morning and not see us right there. But we're excited about the move. I'm going to have my piano in MY space! (thank you, Griggs, for storing it these last few months)

Things on my mind:
  • "The" oil spill

Our country's sensitivity to the way things are worded

The devastating effects on the shoreline life

The devastating effects, known and unknown, on the people who live there
  • The government's new policy, as of March '11, to only issue electronic payments - no more checks. That makes it so difficult for those members of our society who do not have checking accounts and do not want government-issued debit cards.
  • New baby - names???? We only have a few ideas and we're not in love with any of them!
  • My niece, Peyton, who is going to be a big Kindergartener in the fall. Love you!
  • Bella's cough. Sounds awful!
  • Packing, packing, packing
  • Nappy D with Nicole on Friday night!

Okay, so there's my totally random post! Hope you enjoyed it!


Anonymous said...

Yay! I totally enjoy your ramblings & sharing "A Day in the Life of..." series. Thanks, daud.
I think of new names everyday for your new baby bean. My latest is Montanya Grace (for her roots in Montana) & call her Grace. How about Hanna for Hezzy :-D or Heatherina...hahaha or Helga...ok. stop. Thats my 2 cents for right now. More later. xo

Sarah said...

love the updates. we still want to see you guys when we make it up there next month. ok as for your mamas comment, i do know a little girl names montana. they call her tana. hehehe.

Adventures and Good Times! said...

Montana would be a sweet name, and I also like Grace...

But how bout just Bean??

Thanks for heeding my bossiness and creating a post!

love you always!

Anonymous said...

Oh CharB~ look at your little baby now! She's gettin so big in your womb. I'm so excited to meet her & hold her! I already LOVE her!

Tracy Mangold said...

How are you feeling these days? Good luck with the move! It will be nice to have your piano again, won't it? Thinking of you!
Tracy ;)