Thursday, June 3, 2010


Yes, I changed my hair. . . again. I was wearing it up everyday, trying to find the right claw clip for the length it was at, etc. I couldn't get it all up in a pony tail at night so sleeping was uncomfortable. It wasn't as stylish as I like it to be. So I got it chopped. I like it! If you're in the Portland area, you NEED to go to Beverly Payment (yes, Payment). I'll give you her number if you are interested.
(I threw in a bonus pic of Bella - couldn't help myself!)
Note: I guess I STILL haven't figured out the order in which to post pics from my camera to the blog. Sorry for starting the post with the BACK of my head! Sheesh!


hezzzy said...

I LIKE IT I LIKE IT I LIKE IT!!!! Like you said, it IS more stylish & looks VERY pretty on you, hon (& I'm not just saying that). It's a wash n go length with just a fluff here & there & looks professional for work & cooler for the summer. VERY NICE! Great choice! xo

Anonymous said...

Look at Greg's beautiful girls! What a lucky guy! Love the new hair! Hugs-Deb

Adventures and Good Times! said...

I like your new cut! Yay for your stylist! Yay for a new summer do!!!

Tracy Mangold said...

Nice! I love it! You look mahvelous dahling!