Thursday, April 10, 2008

Encouraging Words from a Loving Friend

Be good to yourself this weekend...try to rest and relax and watch somesappy movies and take a nap and give your hubby a backrub and fix a reallygood dinner and sit out on your deck in the 79 degree weather and have some iced tea with fresh lemon in it and count your blessings and don't spend any money and feel virtuous about it

and then decide to spend "some" money and buy a little pot with some mint, parsley and chives to put on your deck and use them to cook with and put some of the mint in your iced tea and sleep in really really late and

Set the timer to 26 minutes and you and Greg go as fast as you can to seehow much you can get cleaned up in 26 minutes and then STOP and go back out on the deck and have some more iced tea.

Then do that thing where the neighbors have to call the police

And have a really good weekend 'cause you deserve it!!!!!

1 comment:

hezzzy said...

good recipe for "stepping out" of what ails you. God bless you.