Friday, December 5, 2008


Did ya ever have one of those days?

The night before, you woke up every hour to go pee?

Your partner, God bless him, kept you up with his snoring?

Your partner, I GUESS God bless him, smacked you in the face with his elbow while sleeping?

You woke up late so you couldn't shower. And you hadn't showered the day before?

You woke up late so you couldn't eat. And you're pregnant?

You wore your pajama top to work and didn't realize it until you GOT to work?

You ate pickles in the morning and then belched the rest of the day?

You downed enough Tums to chalk-ify the whole world for 3 days?

You solved other people's problems, despite your best efforts NOT to?

You cried from an act of kindness shown to you JUST at the right time?

Please say you have - just to make ME feel better!


hezzzy said...

Oh I have, sweetheart. Trust me on that one. You're such a doll. I love your heart so much. xo

Our Journey said...

I can relate to being woken up by snoring, and then getting hit in the head by my hubby by his elbow in the middle of the night. Last week I put my underwear and bra on inside out. What a week!