Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I'm a Rosie fan. I don't have Sirius radio so I can't listen to her show, but I enjoy the recaps on www.rosieradio.blogspot.com. Today, they talked about a donut shop in NYC called Holey Cream. Read about it (from rosieradio.blogspot.com)

"HOLEY CREAMPete made a stop at the Holey Cream donut shop yesterday to pick up a menu and to try to get them to give them free items (which didn't work). He said they don't have a menu so he wrote down everything they offer. They make their own donuts and then they fill it with their own homemade ice cream. There are 36 flavors of ice cream (Pete wrote them ALL down and read them off!) to choose from. You pick your donut and then you choose an icing to dip it in, either vanilla, chocolate or caramel. Then you pick a topping (oreos, heathbar, sprinkles, etc.) Rosie picked a donut iced with vanilla with chocolate chip ice cream with mini chocolate chips on top. Jeannie picked a donut iced with caramel topped with heathbar crunch ice cream with heathbar cruch pieces on top. Pete chose a donut iced with chocolate stuffed with midnight mud pie ice cream and oreo pieces on top."

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Adventures and Good Times! said...

Holey Cream that sounds soooo good! I can't wait to go to NYC again!

I want the caramel with Heath Bar and etc...

love the caramel!!! love the ice cream!!! curious about the donut, but willing to try!!