Monday, December 24, 2007


The phone call went like this:
Her: I'm calling to let you know I'm getting in later than 6:45 tonight.
Me: Oh! I thought your flight got in at 3:00.
Her: No. It was always going to be 6:45, but now there are delays and we won't get in until 9:00 so I'm just going to go to my mom's. Would you let Kammers know that I won't be there tonight?
Me: Sure! No problem! Boy, we're going to Montana next week so we probably won't see you until after the New Year.
Her: I know - crazy, huh?
Me: Yep.
Her: Well, I love you. Oh, and you probably don't know, but when Greg deposited the child support, was it check or cash?
Me: I don't know. Sorry.
Her: That's ok. Love you. Bye.
Me: Love you too. Bye.

I'll be so glad when Christmas 2007 is behind us.


Anonymous said...

please explain further....

Anonymous said...

no more explanations needed. someone is back under anothers influences again & I see what's happening... too bad & so sad. I'm sorry for you & Greg. God be w/you.