Friday, December 28, 2007


I received my 2008 planner calendar today. I had been using photocopied sheets that I had poked holes in so they would fit the binder in my planner, so it was really nice to get the actual calendar. I keep looking for the symbolism in receiving my calendar, but I guess some things just are what they are.

I got my 5 foot tall jewelry box filled last night! Well, it's not filled, but I have all my jewelry in there now. I didn't know I had so many necklaces. When I get back from Montana, I'll take a picture of it. It's so cool!

We are going to Montana for 5 days. I think I want to have a sledding party. One thing is holding me back: my weight. I aniticipate feeling a lot better this time next year. I will be able to run and climb and fit in movie theater seats a lot better! I WILL do this. I have a week scheduled at Bally's when I get back and then a week after THAT, I have a week scheduled at 24 Hour Fitness. We'll see which one fits me better. I'm going to prepare a pro and con list to help me figure it all out. TJ suggested Curves, but I don't think that's intense enough for me.

There's still a cloud over the holiday season, what with the rift with Chrissy. It's amazing to me how Greg's request for a discussion about how we, as a family, want to handle protocol for being late has turned into the silent treatment. I'm also amazed at how long this could be/is dragging out. Life is too short. Let's figure it out, please, and move on.

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Anonymous said...

I admire you for ALL of your organizational skills, CharB! Organizing can be applied in many fields, too: daily routines, goals, relationships. Order in our lives allows harmony to flow freely & is so encouraging. I like your lingo, seesco.