Sunday, November 11, 2007


We had our first book club tonight, and it was fantastic. Some of the themes we discussed were:
lucid dreams
gender expectations
out-of-body experiences
coping mechanisms
definition of living

All of these sound like heavy themes, but discussed in terms of the book, they didn't seem heavy. I was afraid my comments would not be as intelligent as the others' because they are much more avid readers than I, but my fears were quickly put to rest as we just all jumped right in. It was very refreshing.

The book we are reading causes me to ask myself "what does it mean to LIVE?" I mean, fully LIVE. I have often visited this question, usually when I'm in a depression. One of the answers I've come up with is this: If you're not growing, you're dying. Therefore to truly live, one must not be stagnant. Always learn. Always seek. Always have forward motion. Yes, self-awareness and analyzation is required, and yes, it can lead to over-committing oneself, whether to events or people. However, I believe a balance can be struck. The most important thing is to realize you are not trapped. If you don't want to have a routine, mundane, "saltine" life, you don't have to. And I would argue, if you DO have a routine, mundane, "saltine" life, you just might be in a coma. Maybe it's time to open your eyes.


evil cake lady said...

Nice insights about life, Carlotta!

You had some great questions/comments last night and I'm very glad we are book clubbing togehter. Awwww :)

However, the book we are reading is called "The Coma" by Alex Garland...just sayin.

Adventures and Good Times! said...

Love that you are blogging!

And thanks to the veterans, not just for their service, but because it means I got today off from work!! Just because I've only worked 10 days so far, I still deserve a day off, dammit!

As for the book club, you rock! I think you meant purgatory for the coma boy, not pergatory (I don't know what this is)...

Star Char said...


Adventures and Good Times! said...

I love that we corrected you too, but I don't love that you then went back into the blog and edited those things completely out!!! That's not cool...

Star Char said...

Love you, brother!