Wednesday, November 14, 2007


What a day! I was home sick again (2nd day in a row - sorry, Mindy!), and the phone rang. I screened it, of course. It was some random guy at some random "card services" place. So I immediately went to google and typed in the 800 # he had left. The various reports I found concerning that number were inconclusive. Some said it was a "likely" scam; others said it was a bill collecting service. Hmmmm. So I cautiously called back. I had determined that I would not give any personal information, nor would I answer anything unequivically. Call me crazazy, but I've heard that if you answer even an inane question with a yes (like "is today Wednesday?"), they can splice that into the recorded call and make it sound like you agreed to the service they are offering. (yes, I believe in conspiracy theories, unfortunately.)

So anyway, the "Card Services" guy told me that we are 4 months behind on our Visa payment. Whoa. Wait. 4 MONTHS?? I didn't even think we were ONE month behind, let alone 4!~!~ As planned, I was evasive on the phone, telling them my husband is responsible for the account and (said in a "I'm-just-a-girl" voice) I don't know anything about it, which was actually true!

Now, let me just say that Greg and I have overcome a lot of challenges in our marriage, including how the finanaces are handled. For the sake of time, space, and respect for my husband, I will just say that finances have been a source of problems in the past. HOWEVER, we have risen above and things are going well in that area. But you know how it is when something happens and it's a trigger? So after I hung up the phone, I had to really fight the urge to go down an EXTREMELY emotional path. Here was the slippery slope: Greg didn't pay the Visa bill for 4 months, he didn't tell me about it, I'm going to have to figure out a way to support myself, we'll never have a house, pets, or kids, I'm packing a bag and staying at Kelly's the rest of the week.

Whoa, Nelly!! Slow it down. Take a breath.

(breathing, breathing)

So.....Greg got home and after at least 2 hours on the phone and one trip to the bank, he figured out what happened. 4 months ago (hint), the electronic bill pay company that we use for our Visa, instituted a new policy: you have to establish a PIN for payment verifications. Greg had been making the payments every month on time. However, the company had an outdated email on file for him, so we was unaware of the PIN requirement. As a result, the company sent the payments BACK to us. Only they didn't send payments back to our current checking account so they were not on our radar. After talking with our bank, Greg discovered $1100 in an account he had closed last year. So the company not only had an old email on file for us, but they also had an old checking account of file!

The good news is, we transferred the $1100 into our current account and *PING* - just like that, we were in good standing with the credit card company.

Greg and I talked the whole thing out and all is well on the home front too.

Oh, on a totally seperate note, we got the lab results back today and Greg's sperm are alive and kickin'. Good to know, but hard to hear.

What a long day.......


hezzzy said...

Wow, that's a lesson for all of us who pay bills online as well as get direct deposit with payroll. Keep a diligent eye on the transfers & get your confirmation #'s, eh? It DOES make for a long day when THAT"S going on... So glad you got it straightened out & peace in the valley restored.

evil cake lady said...

way to take care of yourself Carlotta by keeping a check on reality vs the voice in your head...that can be really difficult, i know!

credit cards are terrible. i went into collection with both my cards many years ago, and i kind of like not having that debt squeezing my life....i also miss being able to spend beyond my means. which is why i won't let me have another one.