Friday, November 9, 2007


I didn't eat last night after I posted my blog!!! I stayed up for about 15 more minutes and then went to bed! After all, it WAS midnight. I'm just so excited because I normally would have eaten something. But see that's exactly why I've tried to make the house a "no-fail zone." The sweetest convenience foods I have in the house are snack boxes of raisins. And guess what? I don't even LIKE raisins. So if I get desparate enough, I'll break into those (hasn't happened yet). I know for a FACT that if I'd had ice cream in the house last night, I would have eaten it. It's just nice to know that I can decide NOT to eat.


Adventures and Good Times! said...

Wow! I hear you sister, and I'm proud of you for not eating!! Nice moves...I'll see you tomorrow night at Book Club!

Star Char said...

Hi brother! Thanks for the encouragement! I'm so looking forward to our first Book Club!

evil cake lady said...

yes i am very proud of you, too!

i am bloated from dinner.

see you tomorrow night!