Sunday, November 18, 2007

Caravaning to The View

Joelfre and I submitted this video to The View in an attempt to win a new Dodge Caravan AND a trip to New York! Wish us luck!
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hezzzy said...

OH MY GOSH! YOU TWO COULD TOTALLY WIN WITH YOUR SONG & PERFORMANCE! THAT'S SO CREATIVE & FUN! I'm really enjoying playing it over & over. Best of luck & pack your bags! whoopie, sherie lalala... wheeeeeeeeeeeee

Cecile said...

What the EEFFFFFFFF?! What the - c'mon! Could you guys BE any more brilliant and hilarious and cute and awesome? A-W-E-S-O-M-E... Awesome are you!! Win! Win! Win! Win!!!!!!!!!!!
See you in NYC!!

I wish I could be a part of your fun and your every-day lives! You gotta' get at LEAST a trip out of this! That chorus kicked ASSSSSSS!! If they don't pick you, I'll just be like, "What-some-eevah!"

Love and Miss You,

Star Char said...

You guys are toooo sweet! I just love ya! Your blog comments made me smile! :-)

evil cake lady said...

ya know, this is the first time i've actually seen the final cut, and i think it turned out to be the best!!

nice job, kids.

can i get a ride in your caravan?

Star Char said...

Uh yeah. You're THE film crew, Jennie! :-)

Unknown said...

That was wonderful! So brilliant. Sorry Char, I am going back through your archives. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.